Our team

Rachel is our content specialist. She loves to do good research and write a great piece about it. Rachel also enjoys playing tennis and running.

Michael from InsideNetwork

Michael is our content manager and thus responsible for all content. He has a lot of experience in writing great blogs. He also loves playing football with friends.

Fred is the owner and CEO of InsideNetwork. He enjoys teaching people about all kinds of subjects. In his free time, Fred can be found on the golf course or spending a lot of time with his family.

Mark is our IT-specialist. He takes care of everything related to our website. Mark is very technically minded and makes sure the website works well every day. In addition, Mark is crazy about hockey.

Mike is our online marketeer. He loves optimising the website to get more visitors. In his free time, he likes to spend time with friends and play football.

Jochem is our contentspecialist. He has a lot of experience in writing blogs. He also enjoys football and fitness.

Daisy is our contentspecialist. She loves to write pieces on fun topics. In her free time, she enjoys going out for dinner and being with friends.

Charlotte is our contentspecialst for real estate. Charlotte has a lot of experience in real estate. She has chosen to use this knowledge to create blogs. In her spare time, she does some cycling.

Mariële is our HR officer. Mariële has always been involved with people and finds it important that the working atmosphere is good. In her free time, she likes to meet up with friends and play sports.